Family Notice – COVID-19 Update

Here at JEC Miller, Inc., we are dedicated to providing the best support possible to your loved ones, especially during this time. We realize there may be some confusion about “best practices” regarding preventing the spread of COVID-19. We believe in erring on the side of caution and plan to do our best to keep your family member/ friend healthy. Based on the guidance of the MDH and CDC, JEC Miller, Inc. is taking immediate action to limit the potential risks of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Many of the general strategies the CDC recommends to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are the same strategies we use every day at JEC Miller, Inc. to detect and prevent the spread of other respiratory viruses like influenza. These include frequent handwashing, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces throughout the day, encouraging staff to stay home when sick, and covering coughs and sneezes with the elbow.
Due to the ease of spread and the severity of illness that occurs in individuals with COVID-19, we are also strongly discouraging visitation to all residential sites and home visits for the safety of all.

We would encourage frequent use of FaceTime, video conferencing, and phone calls during this time to replace those face to face visits. We are also discontinuing community activities that do not follow “social distancing” measures, and when in the community, encouraging individuals to wear masks that we have provided. All team meetings will be held “electronically” or “virtually” using GoToMeeting, Facetime, Zoom, etc when possible.  All Documents will be emailed and signed electronically through Docusign.  These processes in place for the health and wellbeing of all.

We are proactively looking at strategies for staffing in the event of a shortage and will be offering incentives to staff that is able to offer assistance during this time. We are working to ensure that we will have the best coverage possible during this time. 

We completely understand individual rights and a person’s right to have visitors of their choice, as well as participating in activities of their choice. If you have questions regarding visitation, meetings, or activities don’t hesitate to call or email / 952-303-1614.

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