Driver's License Check

The goal of JEC Miller, Inc. is to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents. An activity that supports that goal is screening of driving records. Applicants and employees whose regular job duties involve driving a company vehicle or their personal vehicle on company business on a regular (daily/weekly) basis will have driving record screen upon hire, and at minimum, annually thereafter at the company’s discretion. Screening is accomplished via reviews of Motor Vehicle Reports. A MVR shows if a driver’s license has been suspended or revoked. A MVR also reflects violation and/or accident history.

Why is this important? Hey history of accidents and traffic violations reflects driving attitudes and habits. Those attitudes and habits are predictors of future accident experiences. Employer and employee’s understand that use of these records is limited to employer’s obligation to comply with the underwriting process relating to securing insurance coverage.

In accordance with the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, public Law No. 91–50. JEC Miller, Inc. certifies that the information requested below will be used for a “permissible purpose” as defined in the Act, and that information will be used for no other purposes. It is further certify that the source of the reports will be identified if employment decisions (based on the report results) are made. Motor Vehicle Reports will be treated in a confidential manner, in accordance with the Drivers Privacy Protection Act, Public Law 103 – 322, Data obtained will be used for permissible purposes only.

    This form authorizes the employer to check my motor vehicle record periodically without further consent. This authorization expires upon termination of my employment. By checking this box you accept these terms.