Staff Notice – COVID-19 Update

Thank You

We are so grateful for the dedicated team of employees that we have at JEC Miller, Inc. and want to ensure their safety and employment during this time. The support that you provide to the individuals that we serve is invaluable and is what sets us apart! We have been very fortunate in the care that you all have taken during this time and we want to continue to keep everyone safe. The information below is intended to keep us all healthy and working as time goes on.

Social Distancing

COVID-19 is primarily transmitted from person-to-person. The CDC and MDH have made recommendations that everyone practice social distancing during this pandemic. This has been defined by keeping about 6 feet between you and others. In our residential homes and when caring for the individuals we support, this is not always possible, but should be practiced whenever possible. However, we expect that staff will practice this important action in their personal lives in consideration of the vulnerable individuals that we serve as well. We also encourage staff to help the individual we serve with reminders of the importance of practicing social distancing at this time. We should discourage hugs and other personal contact with their housemates and other staff. Meal times should continue to be staggered and when individuals are spending time in common areas they should keep distance between them and their housemates.

Hand Washing

One of the best modes of defense against germs is to follow proper handwashing.  Please watch the attached link on proper handwashing and also remember to help encourage the individuals we serve to be frequently washing their hands as well.

Staff need to wash their hands as soon as entering the house for their shift.  Continue to wash your hands frequently throughout your shift using soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.  Staff should be encouraging and monitoring the handwashing of the individuals we serve frequently as well.

Avoid Face Touching

Health officials advise not touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth.  This can be extremely difficult to remember so we are encouraging all staff to be vigilant on not touching their faces.  Staff will also encourage the people we serve not to touch their faces as well.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

We know you all do a great job of keeping the homes clean, however, in order to prevent the spread of germs, particularly with the risk of COVID-19, we want to encourage staff to increase the cleaning and disinfecting in the homes. This includes wiping down surfaces and handles throughout the homes throughout the days (minimally twice per day) We have additional cleaning supplies- if you are working at a home in need, please email

Staff, Individual, and Visitor Symptom Screening

We are currently screening all staff, individuals, and visitors for symptoms of COVID-19 and fever. The most common symptoms of COVID-19 as reported by the CDC include: Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Fever (100 degrees or more), Chills, Muscle pain, Sore throat, New loss of taste or smell. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you will need to notify your supervisor and self-isolate  for at least 10 days from the first symptom and at least 3 days fever free without the use of medication to control. We would also encourage you to get tested to help us to trace any potential exposures. If one of the individuals that you are working with is experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact the company nurse, Shannon (952) 208-2626 or the individuals medical provider for guidance on how to proceed. There is a screening tool called the “Staff/ Visitor Log” in Therap, under the “Agency” tab that needs to be completed at the start of each shift. This would also be used if there was a visitor to the site. Vital signs for the individual’s served can be recorded under the “Health” tab, under “vital signs.” Each individual will need an HPN completed each shift documenting they do or do not display or complain of symptoms.


We have had such a great response and the JEC Miller, Inc. employees have really stepped up, however, we are still looking for staff to fill shifts at programs with individuals staying home from day programs and not working as much. If you are interested in filling additional shifts, please reach out to your HC or DC. We also encourage current staff to refer people who may be looking for work during these times to work here at JEC Miller, Inc., even if it is just temporary. The individuals we serve will always need support. Feel free to notify if you have someone interested.

We are also looking for staff who would be willing and able to work at a program continuously for a week or potentially longer in the event that an individual/program needs to be quarantined due to exposure or contact with COVID-19. Although we do not anticipate the need for this, we want to be prepared. In addition to your normal pay and overtime hours accrued we will be offering an incentive of $1000 per week for those staff that are able to work at a program for an extended period of time.

We understand that this is a huge commitment with time away from your home and personal life.  We are asking for staff that truly feel they would be able to devote their time to contact Julie @ 952-292-6096 or for further information.

Personal Protective Equipment

Cloth masks and medical grade masks have been provided to all staff and should be worn at all times during shifts (if you need to take a “mask break” you will need to make sure you are not in the same room as the individuals we serve). The cloth masks and medical masks that we re-use should be worn as “source protection” to keep your germs from reaching those around you. The cloth masks need to be washed in hot water and hung to dry at the end of each shift. When possible individuals served should be encouraged to wear masks when social distancing cannot be maintained or if going out into the community (as able given the Governor’s orders). If/ when we have a site that has a confirmed case, staff will be instructed to wear only medical grade masks and additional PPE will be distributed if necessary and as available. Gloves should be worn when performing personal cares and cleaning. The following link contains video demonstration for putting on and taking off PPE:

Activities/ Visitors

With the importance of social distancing and the Governor’s Stay at Home Orders coming to an end, we will need to be extra cautious in our time out in the community.  During this time, we will need to encourage individuals to continue to keep social distancing in mind and to wear masks. We want to make sure the individuals we serve to stay healthy, active, and happy. Going for walks and outdoor activities are a great option to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Visitors are encourage to limit visits at the sites unless there is an “essential” purpose to the visit. We will update these guidelines as the Governor’s orders evolve and we get guidance from DHS. There is a link to the Governor’s website in the Resources section for updates and more detailed information on what is acceptable.

Essential Workers

Due to the nature of the supports that JEC Miller, Inc. staff provide, employees are considered “essential workers.” Julie sent employment verification letters to staff through email. If you have questions about this or did not receive the email, please reach out to her.

Childcare Needs For JEC Miller Employees

During these uncertain times, we want to make sure you are taking necessary precautions for yourself and your families.  We know many of you have children and are trying to figure out plans for childcare while you are scheduled to be at work.


ARRM staff has confirmed with DHS Commissioner Harpstead that DSP’s are included under the “long-term care” provision and that school-based child care services will continue to be available to them during the closure.

We are encouraging you to check with your child’s school as each school has different steps to follow. If you are in need of proof of employment we will be able to provide you this as well.


• What to do if an individual has symptoms? Report to nurse and call medical provider for testing.

• What to do if you have symptoms or positive test? Advocate for test. Stay home until: 3 days with no fever or symptoms, at least 10 days since onset of first symptom

• What to do if you have had prolonged contact (more than 10 minutes in a 24 hour period) with someone with a positive test? Self-quarantine for 14 days following the last symptomatic exposure to that person (notify supervisor).